Online English Degrees

Online English Degrees… Since few things are more powerful than the written word, a strong command of language skills can open doors to a variety of opportunities. Earning a degree in English can prepare today’s students for a multitude of different careers in teaching, journalism, web writing, public relations, communications, and technical writing. Because so many careers rely on people to be able to read analytically and write clearly and persuasively, candidates with a background in the study of English can be well positioned for success in a variety of fields.

Employment Outlook with English Degrees

A number of people who earn online English degrees seek to become teachers. Those wishing to teach in high school also need to complete an approved teacher preparation program that leads to secondary teaching certification. Since English is a required course for all four years of high school in the United States, English teachers will always be needed. The job outlook between now and 2016 should be quite good since compulsory education makes the field one of the biggest industries in the country. In 2005 the average salary of any teacher from kindergarten through high school was $47,600.1 But it’s important to keep in mind that secondary teachers generally earn more than kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teachers because their subject area expertise needs to be greater. Therefore, the average salary for high school teachers only will be higher than the reported average for all teachers.

Those who wish to teach English at the college level will find a great deal of job with homework help opportunities available to them in the coming decade. Because of the projected increase in the number of students attending college, the demand for post-secondary instructors will increase greatly as well – 23% by 2016.2 The average salary for full-time university professors in 2006 was $73,200. Those who are tenured “full professors” make the most while untenured adjunct faculty members who often teach part-time earn a great deal less.

Career path for those who have earned online English degrees

There is a wide variety of different job opportunities in writing: journalism, grant writing, technical writing, web content writing, freelance writing, and editing, to name just a few. The employment outlook for traditional journalism between now and 2016 is not very good because the demand for print media is declining. However, there is more and more demand for news and features writing for the web each day, and the need for web content writers in a variety of fields will only continue to grow. Copy writers and bloggers will see more job opportunities available in the coming years because of the influence of the Internet in how business is conducted today.

Online English Degrees

The greatest number of opportunities for writers will be in the field of technical writing because there is a great demand for those who can explain highly complex, technical material in easy-to-understand language. Therefore, the overall employment of salaried writers will grow about 10% by 2016, which is close to the average national increase in jobs available across all industries.1 The median salary for writers overall in May of 2006 was $48,600. Technical writers, though, earned more at a median of $58,000. Depending on the specific industry the writing is for, the writer’s years of experience, and that person’s other supervisory responsibilities, writers can make as little as $25,500 or as much as $97,700.|

Educational Requirements with English Degrees

While not necessarily required for writers, a bachelor’s degree in English is a minimum requirement for teaching English in high school. Also, additional education courses are needed to earn secondary certification. Those wishing to teach English at the college level will need a Ph.D.

Journalists and other writers generally require just a bachelor’s degree

However, an English degree isn’t the only way to get into writing. Degrees in journalism and communications are other avenues as well. Fortunately, with the wide variety of online English degrees and other online programs, students today interested in either teaching or writing have a number of excellent options.