Part Time MBA Degree

Part Time MBA degree or full time programs are geared towards those with work experience who aren’t looking to change careers but want to upgrade their education.The benefit of part time is you can continue earning an income while you learn and you get to apply what you’re learning directly to your job. Plus you may be able to get your employer to pay for all or part of your tuition.

The downside is a rigorous schedule of working full time and attending school which makes it hard to give your best to both.

Another downside is you won’t be able to take internships and it will be difficult to develop deep networking  relationships with other students plus joining many leadership opportunities like clubs or other extra curricular activities.

Part Time MBA Degree

Full Time Students

Full time students may be looking to switch careers or may be wanting to acquire management training that they lack.

There are so many opportunities for learning, engaging, networking and basically immersing yourself in the academic experience and totally focus on your studies.

Other benifits include you will be able to join clubs, recieve internships and intense career services.

Whether you choose a Part Time MBA Degree program or full time, the end result will be better than if you choose to do nothing. In 1 to 3 years from now where will you be? With the help of professionals from you will succeed!